Frank Seratch, President
Christopher Snyder, Vice President
Larry Walko, Treasurer
Diane LaRose, Secretary
Gloria Benjamin
Drew Coffman
Kristi Gallagher
Sue Huff
Liz Maguschak
Gayle Martino
Samantha Schugardt
Adam Randis
Chris Snyder
Mary Pat Stroia
Denise Ward
Janie Yacubeck

Youth Reps - Kaitlyn Bellizia, Liam Huff, Sara Mascelli, & Olivia Stettler



Our theater troupe’s mission is to provide quality productions for local citizens, offer an outlet for children and adults who want to perform, and teach theater skills to anyone who wants to learn. In an area that struggles economically, we are passionate about keeping the arts alive.


For over two decades, the Pennsylvania Theatre of Performing Arts has provided a venue for talented actors, musicians and dancers to entertain local audiences. Our entirely volunteer organization has mounted dozens of productions ranging from classic and contemporary Broadway musicals and plays to children's productions. We hope you will join us in our exciting 2019 season!

In 2006, the physical condition of our former facility on Laurel Street in Hazleton had deteriorated to the point that it became a significant drain to our financial and personal resources. As such, it was decided to sell the building and move on to greener pastures. We have been fortunate indeed to have found several venues in the area in which to perform our shows.  The Strand in McAdoo and The Factory in Nuremberg have both lent their stages to our performers.  We graciously thank the people involved with these facilities as they have welcomed us with open arms and open hearts.

In January of 2010, after 24 productions at the J.J. Ferrara Center, the PTPA became its proud new owners!

With a new home and a renewed energy for the arts, you can be assured that the PTPA will continue to provide quality theatrical performances and remain as a much-needed cultural outlet for the talents of our community.  

Please watch this site for updated notices of our future productions, auditions, and other activities.

But, if you really want to experience the excitement of live theater, you will have to turn off that computer, get out of the house, and come see a PTPA production!