Tuesday March 26 at 7:00 PM
Wednesday March 26 and 7:00 PM

Additional auditions and call-backs may be held on Sunday March 30 at 2:00 PM if needed.

Show Dates: May 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26

Rehearsal period includes a mandatory tech week from May 12-16.

---What You Need to Know---

Those seeking to audition will be asked to read from the script and may prepare a short (1-2 minute) monologue if they wish.

Auditions will be held in the downstairs rehearsal studio. Please enter through the back door for easiest access.

If you have any questions, please contact the director via email ( or by phone (570-926-0393)

---Plot Description---

Written by the multiple award-winning actor, director, and playwright hailing from Scranton, Jason Miller. Following their annual custom, five men—a high-school basketball coach, now retired, and four members of the team that he guided to the state championship twenty years earlier—meet for a reunion. The occasion begins in a light-hearted mood but gradually, as the pathos and desperation of their present lives are exposed and illuminated, the play takes on a rich power of rare dimension. One former player is now the inept mayor of the town—and facing a strong challenge for re-election. Another, the frustrated principal of the local high school, is his ambitious campaign manager. A third, now a successful (and destructive) businessman, is wavering in his financial support of the mayor. While the fourth is a witty, but despairing alcoholic. As the evening progresses all that these men were—and have become—is revealed and examined with biting humor and saving compassion. In the end self-preservation, abetted by the unconscious cynicism and bigotry of their coach, draws them together. But they are lost, morally bankrupt men holding onto fraudulent dreams that have poisoned their present lives and robbed them of the future that was once so rich in promise. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the Tony Award, and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award.

---Character Descriptions---

Coach (60s-70s) – proud, stubborn, actively living in the past. Considers “that championship season” the crowning achievement of his career and life. Larger-than-life figure who can still inspire loyalty in his boys even 20 years after their high school basketball career. From Jason Miller: “Huge man, Old Testament temperament. A superb actor. A man of immense and powerful contradictions.”

The rest of the cast are in their 30s-40s. Age appropriateness is important and the actors will have to all look like contemporaries.

James Daley – married with 5 children. Principal of the local Jr. High School and campaign manager of the mayor and his former teammate George. Supported his alcoholic father and now supports his alcoholic brother. Feels bitterness about the direction of his life and career after high school.

Tom Daly – James’s younger brother. The black sheep of the group. Tom is an alcoholic and acerbic commentator on his friends and former teammates.

Phil Romano – local businessman who bankrolled George’s mayoral run but has his doubts about George’s chances for re-election. He seeks meaning in expensive objects and numerous affairs.

George Sikowski – the mayor. A glad-hander who does not see his own faults or shortcomings. George thinks he is a leader but very clearly is a follower instead.